Finance and Administration Ideas and Resources

August 10 - Information on how to enter PPP Loan Forgiveness into QuickBooks

June 17 - Please see important PPP forgiveness rules from the SBA and Treasury:

Administration Planning Checklist

Create task force to address concerns/issues (the finance councils, pastoral councils, and school councils should be consulted where possible and appropriate, but you can also choose one or more individuals from each to work in conjunction with your pastor, principal, and other staff as a Covid-19 task force).

Gather/review all current employee policies, practices, and contracts so that if issues arise you can reference these documents.

Review paid-time-off policies and current time-off accruals for each employee so that if an employee needs to use paid-time-off appropriate guidance can be given. Also, review current FMLA/Medical leave policies.

Review guidance and resources provided by the Diocese on this site.

If choosing, prepare work at home plans for those employees who can work from home.

Consider which essential tasks must be completed on site (in light of the CDC guidance and the Executive stay at home order, which can be found here).

Ensure proper workplace practices re: hygiene and environmental cleaning for those essential employees on-site. Workplace practices can be found in the government website resources.

Prepare communication plan (how can you be reached?)

  • Plan for parishioners
  • Plan for school parents
  • Plan for employees

Review finances and start to determine whether workforce adjustments will be necessary. Use the Parish Covid-19 Resources provided by the Office of Finance found here.

Review Diocesan policies at

Review the Fourth Synod Acts, Declarations and Statutes at

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the appropriate Diocesan Office for questions or specific guidance!

Financial/Employment Resources


The diocese developed an opportunity for every parish to have an online giving tool to encourage an “e-offertory.” This online giving tool is being offered at NO cost and does NOT require a current parish website. Sign-up at

If your parish has e-giving already, there is a place for you to input your information and we will help promote it. Go to

Not every parishioner online? Consider creating a physical "drop box" outside your parish. Encourage parishioners to come by offer a prayer in or out of the church and drop off their check.

An online giving page has been created for Catholics in the diocese to contribute to the second collections that did not occur or will not occur due to the coronavirus (March 22 through May 31). This includes the following second collections: Catholic Relief Services, Seminarian fund, Catholic Home Missions Appeal, Catholic Communication Campaign, and Retired Diocesan Priests. Donations can be made online at Parishes can also use this graphic to encourage parishioners to donate through the diocese giving page or by sending their second collection donation to their parish.

Please find some quick facts and common issues concerning the PPP application and forgiveness here.

Please find new PPP forgiveness resources here.

Please find attached an updated (4-6-2020) letter explaining new developments concerning eligibility, expectations, and resources for the PPP portion of the CARES Act; please read in full before applying. Click here for an example application for your review and guidance. Click here for updated (4-7-2020) directions on how to run a Paychex payroll report and guidance on which columns to use for your calculations. Click here for an example PPP calculation. Finally, for other relevant PPP docs at the Treasury, please go here.

To complete your PPP application with your local bank you will likely need your parish Articles of Incorporation and Annual Report. You should have these files in your records, but if you have difficulty finding them or have any questions please contact the Office for Legal Services and Policy Development. 

Information on how to enter PPP Loan into Quickbooks

** Updated August 10 ** Information on how to enter PPP Loan Forgiveness into QuickBooks

In the event that the finance council determines an imminent need to raise critical operational funds, we can help you draft an appeal letter. Please contact Katie Price at for more information and assistance.

For information on how to collect Rice Bowl money, please click here.

Human Resources:

We have determined that the diocese, parishes, schools, and agencies are ineligible to participate in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and are not subject to its emergency paid sick leave (EPSL) and emergency paid FMLA (FMLA+) provisions. Do not post any federal posters relating to the FFCRA. Please call the Office for Human Resources with any questions.

Looking for government website resources? Click here for more information.

Resources for making employment decisions: Employee Compensation Directive During a Public ClosureUpdated Employee Compensation DirectiveDecision Making Aide

Need ideas for employees tasks? Find a list of ideas here.

If brining an employee back from furlough, please use the template letter found here.

Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-32, "all businesses that have employees physically reporting to a work-site must post the guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Office of the Illinois Attorney General regarding workplace safety during the COVID-19 emergency." Please post the poster from IDPH which can be found here in a place accessible to your employees, such as a break room or office space.

Insurance and Benefits:

Updated information from the Office for Insurance and Benefits can be found here.

Important BCBSIL Medical Coverage Update

Property and Buildings

The Diocese of Springfield would like to offer you a resource through MASCO, a janitorial and cleaning supply company. Your Parish will have a one-stop shop for all your cleaning supplies at bulk, affordable rates. If interested in the program, please complete the form by clicking here

Disinfecting Tips for Parishes

Work From Home Resources

Questions on how to operate Rightnetworks from home please click for instructions. Click here for more information.

If your parish is still struggling with setting your parish staff up to work from home, please click here for resources or email Troy Leonard at .

Encourage your staff members and ministries to meet online using either zoom or Facebook group. Keep productivity and ministry momentum going! Click here for a resources on how to utilize Zoom for ministry.